Saturday, June 4, 2011

Athlete of the Week - Jacob Burcham

The AotW for May 23-29 is Jacob Burcham of Cabell Midland. Usually I lead the AotW (when I get around to doing it, right?) with a picture, but the picture for this week has been found EVERYWHERE: Letsrun, Flotrack, Milesplit, Tristateracer, Facebook... "The Dive" In a weekend that will go as the greatest triple in the history of the WV State Track Meet (until next year), that picture captured the intensity of it all. This sophomore took everyone's best shot and showed the state just what "talented" can really mean. 9:12/4:08/1:54 was incredible to watch. The highlight in terms of raw performance was the last 1200m of the 3200m. I had it as 3:05, and that's with a dawdling first 100m! On to the post-season...

Very special hat tip to Shawnee Carnett of Concord University. She won the D-II 800m national title, and on most any other week would have been the headliner. Also a sophomore, her future is very bright. Another hat tip to Kate Harrison for winning the NCAA East Regional (or prelim, whatever they call it now) 10,000m. Congrats to all the WVU girls on their way to nationals.