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Indoors news - Jan 2007

The WV Flyers hosted their first indoor track meet Friday night. Even though it was a small meet, there were still some outstanding performances. Kaylyn Christopher won the mile with a solo 5:10 in her first race since the Cross Country state meet. Levi Grandt showed he's been taking the winter serious with a win in the 1600m clocking a 4:35 (followed closely by Josh Feathers in 4:36 and Travis Simpson in 4:37). He also came back to win the 800. North Marion standout Zach Tennant cruised to a victory in the 3200. I have no idea where you can find results for this meet. It may be up on the WV Flyers page later.

The Ryan Jobes Memorial 5K (honoring the memory of fallen runner Ryan Jobes who was killed in a car accident last year) kicked off it's first year with a good start. Plenty of runners made an appearance to show their support with Zach Sabatino and Jenn Davis (the Ken and Barbie of WV distance running) taking top honors for the men and women races.

Indoor Track has officially started with a few meets before the Christmas break. Marietta hosted the Early Bird which had a few WVIAC schools in attendance. Ryan Skotnicki (who I thought was dead) made an appearance in the 3K.

Sunday, January 7, 2007

2010 Best Performance List

2010 Performance List

800m – Men
Rico Greenhowe (Unattached) - 1:51.17
Travis Hamrick (Wheeling Jesuit) - 1:52.08
Andy Bailey (St. Albans) - 1:53.93
Szymon Rola (Concord) - 1:54.70i
Matt Schiffbauer (Marshall) - 1:55.12
Khiry Timbers (Martinsburg) - 1:55.44
Brandon Doughty (Jefferson) - 1:55.64
David Bowman (Wheeling Jesuit) - 1:56.46
Jacob Burcham (Cabell Midland) - 1:56.95
Enze Bond (Bridgeport) - 1:57.42
Nathan Rees (Concord) - 1:57.70
TJ Abel (Glenville St.) - 1:58.13i
Taven Rohrbaugh (Keyser) - 1:58.15
Riley Freeman (Philip Barbour) - 1:58.16
Phil Provenzano (Marshall) - 1:58.19
Sami Hart (WVWC) - 1:58.51i
Cory Waybright (WVWC) - 1:58.55
Ryan Smith (Cabell Midland) - 1:59.23
Ryan Mischler (WVWC) - 1:59.26
Robbie Peters (Concord) - 1:59.37

800m – Women
Keri Bland (WVU) - 2:05.63
Karly Hamric (WVU) - 2:08.02
Jessica O'Connell (WVU) - 2:09.82
Shawnee Carnett (Concord) - 2:09.84
Kaylyn Christopher (WVU) - 2:10.07i
Amber Riley (Auburn) - 2:11.35i
Josie Crouch (Hurricane) - 2:13.75
Sarah Campanelli (Wheeling Jesuit) - 2:16.45
Letitia Propst (Elkins) - 2:17.71
Kate Harrison (WVU) - 2:18.36i
Whitney Lewis (Musselman) - 2:18.36
Kathleen Clark (Marshall) - 2:18.50
Neaire Miller (Oak Hill) - 2:19.20
Katie Jan (Frankfort) - 2:19.24
Chelsea Carrier (WVU) - 2:19.49i
Alecia Hairston (Marshall) - 2:20.10
Heather Saffel (WVU) - 2:20.72i
Jamie Cokeley (WVU) - 2:20.93
Danielle Pye (Concord) - 2:20.99i
Andrea Nickerson (Jefferson) - 2:21.12

1000m Men
Zach Tennant (William & Mary) - 2:29.16i
Eric Ryan (Unattached) - 2:34.61i
Nathan Rees (Concord) - 2:38.86i
Caleb Ellis (Marietta) - 2:41.98i
Sterling Snyder (Concord) - 2:44.81i
Ricky Kump (WV Wesleyan) - 2:45.58i
Cuylor Edgell (WV Wesleyan) - 2:50.60i
Craig Neiswanger (Wheeling Jesuit) - 3:12.58i

1000m - Women
Karly Hamric (WVU) - 2:46.03i
Jessica O'Connell (WVU) - 2:47.59i
Clara Grandt (WVU) - 2:57.75i
Kate Harrison (WVU) - 2:59.03i
Aubrey Moskal (WVU) - 3:00.81i
Kathleen Clark (Marshall) - 3:05.98i
Stephanie Caruso (WVU) - 3:07.97i
Mandy McBean (WVU) - 3:09.13i
Alecia Hairston (Marshall) - 3:10.88i
Kylie Lemons (Marshall) - 3:11.42i

1600m - Men
Josh Simpson (NYAC) - 4:07^ (3:50.58)
Matt Schiffbauer (Marshall) - 4:08^ (3:51.71)
Eric Ryan (Unattached) - 4:10^ (3:52.96)
Zach Tennant (William & Mary) - 4:10^ (3:53.07)
Jacob Burcham (Cabell Midland) - 4:14* (4:15.10)
Brandon Doughty (Jefferson) - 4:14.30
Nick Bonaventure (Wheeling Jesuit) - 4:16^ (3:59.11)
Barry Franklin (WVWC) - 4:17^ (3:59.94)
Cody Pelliccioni (Morgantown) - 4:18.53
TJ Abel (Glenville St.) - 4:19^ (4:01.30)
Robby Peters (Concord) - 4:21^ (4:04.03)
David Bowman (Wheeling Jesuit) - 4:21^ (4:03.20)
Travis Hamric (Wheeling Jesuit) - 4:22^ (4:04.11)
Szymon Rola (Concord) - 4:22^ (4:04.58)
Craig Pritt (Concord) - 4:23^ (4:05.10)
Dayton McVicker (West Fairmont) - 4:24.52i
Caleb Ellis (Marietta) - 4:25^ (4:07.54)
Logan Wojcik (Wheeling Park) - 4:25.51
Matt Mason (Wheeling Jesuit) - 4:27^ (4:09.55)
Trey Beckett (Marshall) - 4:29^ (4:11.16)

1600m – Women
Megan Wright (New Balance) - 4:28^ (4:10.28)
Karly Hamric (WVU) - 4:32^ (4:13.54)
Keri Bland (WVU) - 4:33^ (4:14.52)
Jessica O'Connell (WVU) - 4:38^ (4:19.01)
Kaylyn Christopher (WVU) - 4:39i* (4:40.78)
Clara Grandt (WVU) - 4:47i* (4:48.40)
Kate Harrison (WVU) - 4:47^ (4:27.49)
Marie-Louise Asselin (WVU) - 4:50^ (4:30.90)
Sarah Campanelli (Wheeling Jesuit) - 4:52^ (4:32.10)
Amber Riley (Auburn) - 4:55^ (4:35.30)
Jennifer Davis (Unattached) - 4:57^ (4:37.01)
Stephanie Caruso (WVU) - 5:00i* (5:01.91)
Megan Zayas (WVWC) - 5:02^ (4:42.11)
Claire Berryman (Penn State) - 5:03i* (5:04.74)
Aubrey Moskal (WVU) - 5:03^ (4:42.48)
Jordan Hamric (WVU) - 5:04^ (4:43.96)
Alex Dent (Hurricane) - 5:04.97
Hallie Portner (WVU) - 5:05i* (5:06.90)
Jaime Cokeley (WVU) - 5:06i* (5:07.59)
Katelyn Hunt (WVWC) - 5:07^ (4:46.29)

* = conversion of mile to 1600m (subtract a second)
^= conversion of 1500m to 1600m (

3200m Men
Matt Schiffbauer (Marshall) - 9:09* (8:31.52)
Dayton McVicker (West Fairmont) - 9:14.23
Jacob Burcham (Cabell Midland) - 9:15.94
Brandon Doughty (Jefferson) - 9:23.20
Nick Bonaventure (Wheeling Jesuit) - 9:24* (8:45.46)
Dustin Hall (Wheeling Jesuit) - 9:24i* (8:45.75)
Cory Hampshire (East Carolina) - 9:26i* (8:48.09)
Logan Wojcik (Wheeling Park) - 9:31.39
Cody Pelliccionni (Morgantown) - 9:33.77
Levi Grandt (Richmond) - 9:34* (8:54.72)
Robby Peters (Concord) - 9:34* (8:55.42)
Sean Hopkins (Unattached) - 9:35i* (8:56.84)
Sterling Snyder (Concord) - 9:39i* (8:59.74)
Barry Franklin (WVWC) - 9:42i* (9:02.48)
Caleb Ellis (Marietta) - 9:46i* (9:06.59)
David Caldwell (Marshall) - 9:47* (9:07.00)
Patrick Stanton (West Fairmont) - 9:47.28
Patrick Jividen (Winfield) - 9:48.70
Jack Whitney (Ripley) - 9:48.78
Abram Rittenhouse (Pocahontas) - 9:50.92

3200m Women
Megan Wright (New Balance) - 9:22* (8:44.29)
Jessica O'Connell (WVU) - 9:57i* (9:16.22)
Marie-Louise Asselin (WVU) - 10:07i* (9:25.79)
Clara Grandt (WVU) - 10:09i* (9:27.34)
Kaylyn Christopher (WVU) - 10:12i* (9:30.95)
Karly Hamric (WVU) - 10:29* (9:46.08)
Amber Riley (Auburn) - 10:38* (9:54.32)
Sarah Anne Brault (WVU) - 10:38* (9:54.65)
Ahna Lewis (WVU) - 10:39i* (9:55.70)
Katie Gillespie (WVU) - 10:41* (9:56.97)
Stephanie Caruso (WVU) - 10:47i* (10:02.77)
Courtney Yaeger (Illinois) - 10:55* (10:10.96)
Ari Kasprowicz (Syracuse) - 10:57i* (10:12.67)
Alex Dent (Hurricane) - 10:57.30
Hallie Portner (WVU) - 11:00i* (10:15.16)
Aubrey Moskal (WVU) - 11:02i* (10:16.98)
Letitia Propst (Elkins) - 11:08.45
Jordan Hamric (WVU) - 11:10i* (10:24.65)
Emma Berry (Richmond) - 11:11i* (10:25.78)
Sarah Martinelli (WVU) - 11:12i* (10:26.47)

* = conversion of 3000m to 3200m (
^= conversion of 2 mile to 3200m (

5,000m Men
Josh Simpson (NYAC) - 13:41.37
Levi Grandt (Richmond) - 14:54.42
Zach Tennant (William & Mary) - 14:56.66
Dustin Hall (Wheeling Jesuit) - 15:00.35
Nick Bonaventure (Wheeling Jesuit) - 15:18.65
David Caldwell (Marshall) - 15:19.66
Nate Edwards (WVWC) - 15:23.33
Dayton McVicker (West Fairmont) - 15:26.90
Sterling Snyder (Concord) - 15:37.00i
Robby Peters (Concord) - 15:40.91
Cory Hampshire (East Carolina) - 15:43.60
Barry Franklin (WVWC) - 15:43.85
Skyler McCoy (WVWC) - 15:44.16
Josh Feather (Marshall) - 15:45.38
Eric Frohnapfel (Marshall) - 15:51.27
Lance McDaniel (Concord) - 15:52.01
Russel Mulley (Wheeling Jesuit) - 15:53.16
Alex Zurbach (Marshall) - 15:53.34i
Nathan Rees (Concord) - 15:58.58
Caleb Ellis (Marietta) - 16:06.33

5,000m Women
Megan Wright (New Balance) - 15:19.11
Marie Louise Asselin (WVU) - 15:50.53i
Clara Grandt (WVU) - 16:01.18
Kate Harrison (WVU) - 16:24.40
Sarah-Anne Brault (WVU) - 16:27.66
Ahna Lewis (WVU) - 16:29.94
Claire Berryman (Penn State) - 17:16.67i
Ari Kasprowicz (Syracuse) - 17:18.12
Courtney Yaeger (Illinois) - 17:21.03
Stephanie Caruso (WVU) - 17:26.28
Jenna Brock (WVWC) - 18:19.81
Leslie Thomas (Marshall) - 18:29.00
Megan Truelove (Wheeling Jesuit) - 18:27.68
Emma Berry (Richmond) - 18:44.28i
Leslie Thomas (Marshall) - 18:44.16
Carli Stout (Concord) - 18:49.86
Allison Cox (Marshall) - 18:52.87
Chelsea Callaway (Concord) - 18:55.32
Katie Burda (WVU) - 18:56.04
Julia McGinley (Wheeling Jesuit) - 18:59.39

10,000m Men
Josh Simpson (NYAC) - 29:22.43
Dustin Hall (Wheeling Jesuit) - 30:40.52
Levi Grandt (Richmond) - 31:10.22
Nathan Edwards (WVWC) - 32:47.60
Sterling Snyder (Concord) - 32:54.44
Russell Mulley (Wheeling Jesuit) - 33:03.52
Nick Lucento (Concord) - 34:19.22
Peter Starns (Marshall) - 34:45.22
Dustin Woods (Glenville St.) - 35:25.20
Brad Ferguson (Concord) - 35:54.00

10,000m Women
Clara Grandt (WVU) - 33:28.54
Jenna Brock (WVWC) - 39:06.75
Darby Mullen (Ohio U.) - 39:24.76
Megan Truelove (Wheeling Jesuit) - 39:33.75
Emma Berry (Richmong) - 40:24.81
Chelsea Callaway (Concord) - 40:52.00
Heidi Webb (WV Wesleyan) - 41:02.97
Christine Azevedo (WVWC) - 41:15.30
Kallen Weaver (West Liberty) - 41:24.34
Devin Muldoon (WVWC) - 43:41.30

3000m Steeplechase Men
Barry Franklin (WVWC) - 9:29.85
Lance McDaniel (Concord) - 9:38.50
Nathan Rees (Concord) - 9:48.57
Brad Dugan (Concord) - 9:55.55
Skylar McCoy (WVWC) - 9:58.34
Caleb Withers (WVWC) - 10:13.89
Matt Ellison (Wheeling Jesuit) - 10:22.65

3000m Steeplechase Women
Megan Zayas (WVWC) - 11:09.57
Carli Stout (Concord) - 11:51.94
Chelsea Callaway (Concord) - 12:17.03
Rana Conneway (WVWC) - 12:19.69
Adrienne Moretz (WVWC) - 12:40.28
Kathleen Clark (Marshall) - 12:46.00
Jess Barkley (WVWC) - 12:49.28
Kelley Wambaugh (WVWC) - 13:19.44
Tabatha Whited (Concord) - 13:53.71

i = indoor performance
Cutoffs 10th/20th
M800m- 1:57.42/1:59.37
W800m- 2:18:36/2:21.12
W1000m- 3:11.42
M1600m- 4:19/4:30
W1600m- 4:55/5:09
M3200m- 9:34/9:52
W3200m- 10:47/11:12
M5000m- 15:43.60/16:03.43
W5000m- 17:42.38/18:59.39
M10000m- 36:04.42
W10000m- 43:41.30

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Athlete of the Week chosen?
--AotW is awarded to the West Virginia who has the most outstanding week in distance running. If an athlete gets on a roll, they can win the award several weeks in a row. This is a subjective award.

What is the "Arb?"
--The Arb is short for the Core Arboritum. The most popular running site in Morgantown, this small area of trails has seen countless workouts. The service road is the section commonly referred to as the Arb Hill.

What is the history behind the Arb... I mean the website, not the park in Morgantown.
--The Arb was started in late 2005 by a pair of post-collegiate runners in West Virginia. Over time, their interest waned and "W" picked up the AotW as well as admin of the message board. As his interest wanes, duties are passed on to other responsible runners.

I can't stand the Arb Message Board, what's the deal with it?
--The message board traces its roots back to the old WV Runners Directory, founded in 2000. It certainly has an element of anarchy to it, and is not going to suit everyone's tastes. The rules are posted in the link at the top of the board. If you get distressed about the attitudes on the board, please email the administrator and they will see what can be done. As with most things on the internet, the most effective thing to do is to not visit the board if it upsets you too much.


Here are videos uploaded to YouTube from runners around the state, or found on the internet for your enjoyment.

If anyone has past state meets or videos of races that you would like have up then please upload them to YouTube and send us the link so we can put it up. It would be awesome to find some older race videos that people can watch.


WVU at Big East Indoors - MLA's parents put up some of the distance races on Youtube.


Clara Grandt - Great video from FloTrack of Clara Grandt running 33:19 in the 10K and breaking the WVU record by over a minute.


Here we are keeping a few lists that have grown popular on this site through the message board. The Best Performance List keeps track of performances by runners of all ages so people can see how they stack up in this state. The times are ranked for the calendar year and converted to the high school distances. High school distances were chosen as the lowest common denominator.

2010 Best Performance List
2009 Best Performance List
2008 Best Performance List

2009 Best Performance List

2009 Performance List

800m – Men
Szymon Rola (Concord) – 1:52.45
Travis Hamrick (Wheeling Jesuit) – 1:52.53
Michael Hardbarger (RIT) – 1:54.50
Craig Pritt (Preston) – 1:55.02
Matt Schiffbauer (Marshall) – 1:55.97
Andy Bailey (St. Albans) – 1:56.05
David Bowman (Wheeling Jesuit) – 1:56.42
TJ Abel (Glenville St.) – 1:57.14
Zach Tennant (North Marion) – 1:57.73
Cory Waybright (WV Wesleyan) - 1:58.88
John Natow (WV Wesleyan) – 1:59.10
Ben Miller (Kentucky) – 1:59.13
Barry Franklin (WV Wesleyan) – 1:59.26
Jordan O’Dell (George Washington) – 2:00.08
Nathan Rees (Ravenswood) – 2:00.37
Sami Hart (WV Wesleyan) – 2:00.43
William Cole (Ravenswood) – 2:00.68
Brandon Doughty (Jefferson) – 2:00.72
Tommy Boone (Buckhannon-Upshur) – 2:00.88
Corey Mehl (U. of Charleston) – 2:00.96

800m – Women
Keri Bland (WVU) – 2:06.74i
Jennifer Povick (Appalachian St.) – 2:08.20
Karly Hamric (WVU) – 2:09.27
Sarah Campanelli (Wheeling Jesuit) – 2:10.27i
Josie Crouch (Hurricane) – 2:14.53
Jessica O’Connell (WVU) – 2:15.77
Kathleen Clark (Marshall) – 2:16.37
Kaylyn Christopher (WVU) – 2:17.00
Savannah Rutherford (Spring Valley) – 2:20.18i
Letitia Propst (Elkins) – 2:20.36
Aubrey Moskal (WVU) – 2:20.90
Susie Godwin (Buckhannon-Upshur) – 2:21.15
Chelsea Knotts (Tennessee) – 2:21.19i
Alecia Hairston (Marshall) – 2:21.23
Jennifer Van der Sloot (University) – 2:21.41
Jamie Cokeley (WVU) – 2:21.51
Allison Teter (WV Wesleyan) – 2:21.56
Chelsea Carrier (WVU) – 2:21.59i
Cassy Menas (North Marion) – 2:21.60
Kate Harrison (WVU) – 2:21.95

1000m Men
Szymon Rola (Concord) – 2:29.01
Michael Hardbarger (RIT) – 2:29.73i
Jay Dolmage (Unattached) – 2:32.59i
Eric Ryan (Cornell) - 2:35.70i
Lance McDaniel (Concord) – 2:40.22
David Bowman (Wheeling Jesuit) – 2:40.56i
Stewart Jones (Wheeling Jesuit) – 2:40.92i
Trevor Harrison (Concord) – 2:42.29
Chad Henson (Wheeling Jesuit) – 2:43.07i
Robby Peters (Concord) – 2:47.42i

1000m - Women
Kaylyn Christopher (WVU) – 2:47.51i
Jessica O’Connell (WVU) – 2:50.02i
Karly Hamric (WVU) – 2:56.06i
Alison Spiker (WVU) – 2:57.02i
Kate Harrison (WVU) – 3:00.25i
Jordan Hamric (WVU) – 3:06.87i
Kylie Lemons (Marshall) – 3:08.11i
Kathleen Clark (Marshall) – 3:10.10i
Lauren Moskal (WVU) – 3:10.17i
Alesia Hairston (Marshall) – 3:10.22i

1600m - Men
Michael Hardbarger (RIT) – 4:07^
Matt Schiffbauer (Marshall) – 4:07^
Andrew Benford (Richmond) – 4:12^
Zach Tennant (North Marion) – 4:12^
Jay Dolmage (Unattached) – 4:15^
Szymon Rola (Concord) – 4:15^
Craig Pritt (Preston) – 4:17.77
Stewart Jones (Wheeling Jesuit) – 4:19i*
Levi Grandt (Richmond) – 4:23i*
Cody Pelliccioni (Morgantown) – 4:24.22
David Bowman (Wheeling Jesuit) – 4:25^
Logan Wojcik (Wheeling Park) – 4:25*
Barry Franklin (WV Wesleyan) – 4:26^
Chris Cole (Marshall) – 4:26^
Trey Beckett (Cabell Midland) – 4:26.95
Nathan Rittenhouse (Bridgewater Coll.) – 4:27^
Ryan Bowser (Marshall) – 4:28^
Nick Bonaventure (Wheeling Jesuit) - 4:27i*
David Caldwell (South Charleston) – 4:28.10
Nathan Rees (Ravenswood) – 4:28.67

1600m – Women
Keri Bland (WVU) – 4:33i*
Karly Hamric (WVU) – 4:42^
Amber Riley (Auburn) – 4:45^
Jessica O’Connell (WVU) – 4:45^
Kaylyn Christopher (WVU) – 4:47i*
Jennifer Povick (App. St.) – 4:51^
Ahna Lewis (WVU) – 4:56i*
Sarah Campanelli (Wheeling Jesuit) – 4:57i*
Kate Harrison (WVU) – 4:58^
Ari Kasprowicz (Preston) – 5:01.43
Sarah-Anne Brault (WVU) – 5:02^
Jordan Hamric (WVU) – 5:06^
Aubrey Moskal (WVU) – 5:07^
Kathleen Clark (Marshall) - 5:07^
Alex Dent (Hurricane) – 5:08.27
Jamie Cokely (WVU) – 5:09^
Jennifer van der Sloot (University) – 5:09.76
Hallie Portner (WVU) – 5:10^
Megan Zayas (WV Wesleyan) – 5:11^
Andrea Nickerson (Jefferson) – 5:11.56
* = conversion of mile to 1600m (subtract a second)
^= conversion of 1500m to 1600m (

3200m Men
Andrew Benford (Richmond) – 8:57*
Jay Dolmage (Unattached) – 8:59i*
Levi Grandt (Richmond) – 9:13*
Zach Tennant (North Marion) – 9:14.84
Stewart Jones (Wheeling Jesuit) – 9:18i*
Matt Schiffbauer (Marshall) – 9:27i*
David Caldwell (South Charleston) – 9:29.58
Szymon Rola (Concord) – 9:31*
David Ciarolla (West Fairmont) – 9:34.19i
Dustin Hall (Wheeling Jesuit) – 9:36i*
Chris Cole (Marshall) – 9:39i*
Nate Edwards (WV Wesleyan) – 9:40i*
Eric Cooper (WV Wesleyan) – 9:40i*
Cory Hampshire (Jefferson) – 9:40.18
Caleb Ellis (St. Albans) – 9:42.91
Travis Simpson (Unattached) – 9:43i*
Brandon Doughty (Jefferson) – 9:43.58
Nathan Rees (Ravenswood) – 9:43.78
Skyler McCoy (Webster Co.) – 9:45.18
Logan Wojcik (Wheeling Park) – 9:45.19

3200m Women
Megan Metcalfe (WVU) - 9:40*
Marie-Louise Asselin (WVU) – 10:03i*
Clara Grandt (WVU) – 10:16*
Amber Riley (Auburn) – 10:22i*
Kate Harrison (WVU) – 10:22i*
Jessica O’Connell (WVU) – 10:39*
Sarah Campanelli (Wheeling Jesuit) – 10:42i*
Ari Kasprowicz (Preston) – 10:49.15
Stephanie Caruso (WVU) – 11:01*
Jordan McDonald (North Marion) – 11:05.47i
Alex Dent (Hurricane) – 11:09.04
Letitia Propst (Elkins) – 11:09.78
Heather Bury-Parks (Unattached) – 11:10i*
Jordan Hamric (WVU) – 11:10*
Sarah Martinelli (University) – 11:10.87
Brooke Boening (WVU) – 11:12*
Aubrey Moskal (WVU) – 11:13*
Allison Pettit (Morgantown) – 11:14.64
Megan Truelove (Winfield) – 11:15.76
Alyssa Boucher (Jefferson) – 11:16.54
* = conversion of 3000m to 3200m (
^= conversion of 2 mile to 3200m (

5000m Men
Andrew Benford (Richmond) – 14:34.23
Levi Grandt (Richmond) – 14:50.82i
Mikey Cox (Unattached) – 14:51.89i
Dustin Hall (Wheeling Jesuit) – 15:01.20i
Matt Schiffbauer (Marshall) – 15:07.83
Stewart Jones (Wheeling Jesuit) – 15:09.82
Travis Epling (Unattached) – 15:13.43
Eric Frohnapfel (Marshall) – 15:40.17
Eric Cooper (WV Wesleyan) – 15:46.70
Nate Edwards (WV Wesleyan) – 15:48.24
Barry Franklin (WV Wesleyan) – 15:50.68
Alex Zurbuch (Marshall) – 15:54.50
Lance McDaniel (Concord) – 16:03.00
Jarren Morlan (WV Wesleyan) - 16:04.43
Nick Lucento (Concord) – 16:04.57
John Meadows (Concord) - 16:08.54
Straten Schemel (Marshall) – 16:10.62
Randy Horner (Concord) – 16:12.97i
Ryan Skotnicki (A-B) – 16:13.87
Ryan Bowser (Marshall) – 16:24.11

5000m Women
Marie-Louise Asselin (WVU) – 16:03.29
Clara Grandt (WVU) – 16:07.55
Ahna Lewis (WVU) – 16:33.79
Sarah-Anne Brault (WVU) – 16:42.56
Jennifer Povick (App. St.) – 17:06.43
Brooke Boening (WVU) – 17:27.41
Brenna Hagerty (WV Wesleyan) – 17:45.07
Stephanie Caruso (WVU) – 17:53.94
Aubrey Moskal (WVU) – 18:07.62
Jenna Brock (WV Wesleyan) – 18:31.62
Emma Berry (Richmond) – 18:34.35i
Amanda Blankenship (Concord) – 18:38.47
Kerry Davis (WVU) – 18:44.63
Emily Bailey (Marshall) – 18:45.68
Katie Burda (WVU) – 18:47.23
Tara Franklin (Campbell U.) – 18:53.33i
Erika Rucker (Wheeling Jesuit) – 19:00.98
Ashley Teets (A-B) – 19:03.26i
Casey Jividen (Wheeling Jesuit) – 19:08.20
Carly Stout (Concord) – 19:11.06

10000m Men
Levi Grandt (Richmond) – 30:39.21
Nate Edwards (WV Wesleyan) – 32:35.96
Eric Frohnapfel (Marshall) – 33:08.96
Eric Cooper (WV Wesleyan) – 33:36.11
Nick Lucento (Concord) – 33:49.21
Dustin Wood (Glenville St.) – 34:01.93
John Meadows (Concord) – 34:30.36
Adam Carter (Wheeling Jesuit) – 34:45.52
Benji Hamer (Concord) – 35:14.37
Steven Buck (Wheeling Jesuit) – 36:33.01

10000m Women
Clara Grandt (WVU) – 33:16.96
Marie Louise Asselin (WVU) – 34:14.54
Brenna Haggerty (WV Wesleyan) – 37:10.73
Jenna Brock (WV Wesleyan) - 38:48.41
Holley Whoolery (West Liberty) – 39:24.44
Kallen Weaver (West Liberty) – 39:33.65
Tabitha Whited (Concord) – 41:13.01
Heidi Webb (WV Wesleyan) - 41:40.07
Katie Antonik (A-B) – 42:34.96
Hillary McConnell (A-B) – 42:50.56

3000m Steeplechase Men
Andrew Benford (Richmond) – 8:52.41
Barry Franklin (WV Wesleyan) – 9:37.41
Stewart Jones (Wheeling Jesuit) – 9:38.81
Lance McDaniel (Concord) – 9:50.18
Matt Ellison (Wheeling Jesuit) – 10:03.67
Travis Epling (Marshall) – 10:12.98
Jarren Morlan (WV Wesleyan) – 10:13.19
John Meadows (Concord) – 10:30.96
Caleb Withers (WV Wesleyan) – 10:45.15
Nick Lucento (Concord) – 10:47.00

3000m Steeplechase Women
Alison Spiker (WVU) – 10:38.36
Amber Riley (Auburn) – 10:38.83
Kate Harrison (WVU) – 10:50.30
Meagan Zayas (WV Wesleyan) – 11:28.02
Kasey Jividen (Wheeling Jesuit) – 11:37.20
Carli Stout (Concord) – 11:48.37
Kathleen Clark (Marshall) – 12:17.42
Jessica Roberts (WV Wesleyan) – 12:49.52
Nicole Tingler (A-B) – 13:00.16
Kelley Wambaugh (WV Wesleyan) – 13:00.85

i = indoor performance
Cutoffs 10th/20th
M800m- 1:58.88/2:00.96
W800m- 2:20.36/2:21.95
M1000m- 2:47.42
W1000m- 3:10.22
M1600m- 4:24.22/4:28.67
W1600m- 5:01.43/5:11.56
M3200m- 9:36/9:45.19
W3200m- 11:05.47/11:16.54
M5000m- 15:48.24/16:24.11
W5000m- 18:31.62/19:11.06
M10000m- 36:33.01
W10000m- 42:50.56
M3000mSC- 10:47.00
W3000mSC- 13:00.85

2008 Track Performance List

This is the 2008 Track Performace List from WV runners around the country. This list includes Middle School, High School, College and Post Collegiate performaces.

Final 2008 Performance List

800m – Men
Michael Hardbarger (RIT) – 1:53.15
Rico Greenhowe (Professional) – 1:54.04i
Szymon Rola (Concord) – 1:54.57
Casey Batey (Professional) – 1:55.67
David Bias (Cabell Midland) – 1:56.22
Travis Hamrick (Wheeling Jesuit) - 1:56.43
Khiry Timbers (Martinsburg) – 1:56.59
Ben Miller (Kentucky) - 1:56.63
Ryan Johnson (WV Wesleyan) – 1:57.07
Luke Seavy (Magnolia) – 1:57.10
David Bowman (Wheeling Jesuit) - 1:57.63
T.J. Abel (Grafton) – 1:58.25
Andy Bailey (Saint Albans) – 1:59.19
Lenny Roach (Berkley Springs) – 1:59.39
Stewart Jones (Weir) – 1:59.63
Skyler McCoy (Webster Co.) – 1:59.70
Mack Triplett (Alderson-Broaddus) – 1:59.80
Nathan Rees (Ravenswood) – 1:59.83
Ryan Beabout (Wheeling Park) – 1:59.70
William Cole (Ravenswood) – 1:59.71

800m – Women
Keri Bland (WVU) – 2:07.01
Karly Hamric (WVU) – 2:10.61
Kaylyn Christopher (WVU) – 2:13.32
Jennifer Povick (Appalachian St.) – 2:15.60i
Sarah Campanelli (Wheeling Jesuit) - 2:15.89
Amber Riley (Auburn) - 2:17.48i
Josie Crouch (Hurricane) – 2:18.10
Kathleen Clark (Marshall) – 2:18.77
Monica Chase (Boston College) - 2:20.28i
Jennifer Van Der Sloot (University) – 2:20.78
Alesia Hairston (Marshall) – 2:20.82
Letitia Propst (Elkins) – 2:20.94
Jodi Bodo (Bethany) – 2:21.62
Alesia Hairston (Marshall) – 2:21.96
Chelsea Carrier (WVU) – 2:22.29
Courtney Yaeger (Wheeling Park) – 2:22.54
Tori Boggs (Parkersburg) – 2:22.54
Savannah Rutherford (Spring Valley) – 2:23.00
Aubrey Moskal (Morgantown) – 2:23.37
Susie Godwin (Buck-Up) – 2:23.74

1000m – Men
Michael Hardbarger (Rochester Tech) – 2:28.74i
Szymon Rola (Concord) – 2:29.00
Eric Ryan (Cornell) – 2:29.22i
Brad Dodson (Delaware) – 2:39.21i
David Bowman (Wheeling Jesuit) - 2:43.96i
Lance McDaniel (Concord) – 2:44.31i
Chad Henson (Wheeling Jesuit) - 2:48.82i
Cory Smith (Frostburg St.) – 2:51.46i
Travis Hamrick (Wheeling Jesuit) - 2:53.09i
Jobey Knapton (Wheeling Jesuit) - 2:55.40i

1000m – Women
Marie Louise-Asselin (WVU) - 2:47.94i
Keri Bland (WVU) – 2:48.66i
Monica Chase (Boston College) - 2:56.62i
Sarah Campanelli (Wheeling Jesuit) – 3:09.04i
Kerry Davis (WVU) – 3:16.11i
Erika Rucker (Wheeling Jesuit) - 3:14.23i
Dani Pye (Concord College) - 3:17.81i
Amanda Reyher (Wheeling Jesuit) – 3:27.71i
Lindsey DeVaughn (Concord College) - 3:31.98i
Jessie Bauer (Muskingum) – 3:47.70i

1600m - Mens
Michael Hardbarger (Rochester Tech) – 4:06^
Jay Dolmage (Professional) – 4:09^
Eric Ryan (Cornell) - 4:10^
Casey Batey (Professional) – 4:12^
Dane Moreland (Professional) – 4:14i*
Brad Dodson (Delaware) – 4:14^
Andrew Benford (Richmond) – 4:17i*
Szymon Rola (Concord) – 4:18^
Ryan Beabout (Wheeling Park) - 4:18.71
Nathan Rittenhouse (Bridgewater College) – 4:19^
Eric Cooper (WV Wesleyan) – 4:23i*
James Kavaliauskas (WV Wesleyan) - 4:23i*
Zach Tennant (North Marion) – 4:23.49
Chris Cole (University) - 4:23.67
David Bowman (Wheeling Jesuit) - 4:25^
Dustin Hardbarger (Glenville) - 4:25^
Stewart Jones (Weir) – 4:25.10
Levi Grandt (Doddridge Co.) - 4:25.20
Leonard Roach (Berkley Spr.) – 4:26.16
David Bias (Cabell Midland) – 4:26.98

1600m – Womens
Megan Metcalfe (Professional) – 4:31i*
Keri Bland (WVU) – 4:34^
Kaylyn Christopher (WVU) – 4:47^
Jennifer Davis (Professional) - 4:56^
Rebecca Stallwood (Professional) – 4:58^
Kate Harrison (WVU) – 4:58^
Amber Riley (Auburn) – 5:01^
Sarah Campanelli (Wheeling Jesuit) – 5:04^
Stephanie Caruso (WVU) – 5:04^
Ahna Lewis (WVU) – 5:04^
Jennifer Povick (Appalachian St.) – 5:05i*
Claire Berryman (Penn State) – 5:07i*
Courtney Yeager (Wheeling Park) – 5:08.79
Monica Chase (Boston College) – 5:09^
Maria Dalzot (WVU) - 5:10i*
Ari Kasprowicz (Preston) – 5:11.57
Allison Teeter (WV Wesleyan) – 5:12^
Hallie Portner (University) – 5:12.43
Ashley Teets (Preston) – 5:14.70
Hannah Jo Robinson (WV Wesleyan) – 5:15^

*denotes conversion from Mile to 1600m.
^ denotes conversion from 1500m to 1600m.

3200m Mens
Andrew Benford (Richmond) – 8:56*
Brad Dodson (Delaware) – 8:57i*
Ben Lukowski (Professional) – 9:03*
Michael Hardbarger (Rochester Tech) – 9:08i*
Ryan Beabout (Wheeling Park) - 9:11.58
Justin Simpson (Professional) - 9:12*
Casey Batey (Professional) – 9:15i*
Jason Santucci (Professional) - 9:18i*
Eric Cooper (WV Wesleyan) - 9:20i*
Travis Simpson (Professional) - 9:21*
Levi Grandt (Doddridge Co.) – 9:22.26
Nathan Rittenhouse (Bridgewater College) – 9:25i*
Zach Noel (Kentucky) – 9:27i*
Travis Epling (Marshall) – 9:29*
Scott Bonnette (Wheeling Jesuit) - 9:34i*
Dustin Hall (Wheeling Jesuit) – 9:36i*
Stewart Jones (Weir) – 9:37.65
David Bias (Cabell Midland) – 9:40.64
Matt Schiffbauer (University) – 9:41.92
Skyler McCoy (Webster Co.) – 9:43.09

3200m Womens
Megan Metcalfe (Professional) - 9:27i*
Marie Louise-Asselin (WVU) – 9:55i*
Clara Grandt (WVU) – 10:19i*
Keri Bland (WVU) – 10:19*
Ahna Lewis (WVU) - 10:42i*
Kaylyn Christopher (WVU) - 10:43i*
Allison Spiker (WVU) – 10:49i*
Stephanie Caruso (WVU) – 10:58i*
Courtney Yaeger (Wheeling Park) – 11:07.73
Jennifer Povick (Appalachian St.) – 11:08i*
Jordan Hamric (Preston) – 11:10.26
Ashley Teets (Preston) – 11:13.05
Darby Mullen (Marshall) – 11:16*
Letitia Propst (Elkins) – 11:16.39
Alexandria Dent (Hurricane) - 11:16.48
Hallie Portner (University) – 11:19.98
Hannah Jo Robinson (WV Wesleyan) - 11:24*
Jordan McDonald (North Marion) – 11:32.04
Megan Truelove (Winfield) – 11:37.54
Chelsea Jarvis (Capital) – 11:35.86

* denotes conversion from 3000m to 3200m.
^ denotes conversion from 2 Mile to 3200m.

5000m Mens
Andrew Benford (Richmond) - 14:09.01
Jason Santucci (Professional) – 14:35.92
Justin Simpson (Professional) – 14:49.06
Eric Cooper (WV Wesleyan) – 14:58.08
Ben Lukowski (Professional) – 14:59.09
Nathan Rittenhouse (Bridgewater College) - 15:05.54
Travis Epling (Marshall) – 15:07.14
Travis Simpson (Professional) – 15:09.24
Levi Grandt (Doddridge County) – 15:11.10
Dustin Hall (Wheeling Jesuit) – 15:13.69i
Brad Dodson (Delaware) – 15:15.14
Michael Hardbarger (Rochester Tech) – 15:17.62
James Kavaliauskas (WV Wesleyan) – 15:41.50
Ryan Kent (Concord) – 15:48.89
Scott Bonette (Wheeling Jesuit) – 15:55.99i
Matt Null (Marshall) – 16:00.73
Tom Wood (WV Wesleyan) - 16:03.44i
Ryan Skotnicki (Alderson-Broaddus) - 16:04.40i
Randy Horner (Concord) – 16:08.54i
Matt Bright (Davis & Elkins) – 16:09.71

5000m Women
Megan Metcalfe (Professional) – 15:11.23
Clara Grandt (WVU) – 16:28.57
Claire Berryman (Penn State) - 17:07.82i
Jennifer Povick (App. St.) – 17:58.98i
Kate Harrison (WVU) – 18:05.35
Darby Mullen (Marshall) – 18:12.97
Hanna Jo Robinson (WV Wesleyan) – 18:15.23
Stephanie Caruso (WVU) – 18:17.26
Maria Dalzot (WVU) – 18:20.34
Ellen Kist (Marshall) – 18:34.13
Erin Price (WV Wesleyan) – 18:42.90i
Brooke Boening (Dennison U.) – 18:43.48
Brenna Hagerty (WV Wesleyan) – 18:45.67
Jenna Brock (WV Wesleyan) – 19:02.02
Amanda Blankenship (Concord) – 19:10.87
Tara Franklin (Campbell University) – 19:14.12i
Jamie Cokeley (WVU) – 19:21.22
Carli Stout (Concord) – 19:21.96
Alison Spiker (WVU) – 19:27.70
Sarah Sturgill (Marshall) – 19:32.23

10,000m Mens
Josh Simpson (Professional) – 28:22.25
Travis Epling (Marshall) – 31:48.77
Dustin Hall (Wheeling Jesuit) – 32:10.38
Eric Cooper (WV Wesleyan) – 32:54.27
Tom Wood (WV Wesleyan) – 33:10.95
Zack Williams (WV Wesleyan) – 33:21.91
Scott Bonnette (Wheeling Jesuit) – 33:50.51
Matt Bright (D&E) – 34:02.34
Randy Horner (Concord) – 34:07.41
Michael O’Flaherty (WV Wesleyan) – 34:15.57

10,000m Women
Clara Grandt (WVU) – 34:15.70
Brenna Hagerty (WV Wesleyan) – 39:23.73
Erin Price (WV Wesleyan) – 39:32.37
Jenna Brock (WV Wesleyan) – 40:16.28
Heidi Webb (WV Wesleyan) – 42:10.54
Kasey Jividen (Wheeling Jesuit) – 42:12.48
Katie Antonik (Alderson Broaddus) – 42:20.72
Carrie Zickefoose (West Liberty) – 42:24.95
Sarah Sturgill (Marshall) – 42:40.17
Rebecca Minardi (Marshall) - 43:54.12

3000m SC Mens
Andrew Benford (Richmond) – 8:59.11
Zach Noel (Kentucky) - 9:28.40
Brad Dodson (Delaware) – 9:29.67
Nathan Rittenhouse (Bridgewater) – 9:33.20
David Bias (Cabell Midland) – 9:43.73
Ryan Kent (Concord) – 9:47.24
Lance McDaniel (Concord) – 10:00.22
Matt Null (Marshall) – 10:01.90
Jose Schultz (Concord) – 10:04.90
Landry Boggess (Charleston) – 10:08.56

3000m SC Women
Alison Spiker (WVU) – 10:47.55
Amber Riley (Auburn) – 10:56.30
Hannah Jo Robinson (WV Wesleyan) – 11:50.93
Carli Stout (Concord) – 11:55.73
Hannah Henderson (Marshall) - 11:57.10
Kasey Jividen (Wheeling Jesuit) – 12:11.87
Megan Zayas (WV Wesleyan) – 12:12.74
Chantal Stettinius (Bethany) – 12:20.91
Carli Stout (Concord) – 12:29.56
Emily Corley (Marshall) – 12:31.71

i= indoor performance
The calculator used is

Cutoffs 10th/20th
M800m- 1:57.10 / 1:59.71
W800m- 2:20.78 / 2:23.74

M1000m- 2:55.40
W1000m- 3:47.70

M1600m- 4:19 / 4:26.98
W1600m- 5:04 / 5:15

M3200m- 9:21 / 9:43.09
W3200m- 11:08 / 11:35.86

M5000m- 15:13.69 / 16:09.71
W5000m- 18:34.13 / 19:32.23

M10000m- 34:15.57
W10000m- 43:54.12

M3000mSC- 10:08.56
W3000mSC- 12:31.71

Clara Grandt's training

I'll go a little further with what W said and stress the importance of Easy Mac, Arbys and Chicken Wings (Keglers only)!! These are key essentials for any runner
on the road to success . Another good point is the fact that it wasn't any one thing that Clara did over the past few weeks leading up to Cross Nationals that helped her run what she did. It's been a lot of hard work, strong will and consistancy over the past 3 years that have helped propel her to the level she is running at today. There is no single day or week or even month of training that is more important that the ones that have come before.

Clara has been a high mileage runner for the past couple of years and she has also become infamous for running really hard on her regulars runs. She does between 80-100 miles a week with morning runs.


After finishing up outdoor track last year Clara took a break and then ran on her own for the summer just logging miles and getting fit. Since she runs everything pretty hard there were no workouts really needed, but she does do a 2 hour long run every Sunday which is huge component in the training. Most of the girls follow a similar schedule in the summer when getting ready for Cross Country, just logging miles and doing a Sunday long run. The long runs are never missed and continue year round. They range from 1:20 to 2 hours for different runners (usually about 20% of your weekly mileage)


When she got to Cross Country Camp at the beginning of the fall, Clara showed she was pretty fit during a team tempo run. After that she started her workouts for the fall cross season. Her and Marie-Louise did 1 workout a week for the whole fall all the way up until NCAA Cross Country Nationals. Since Clara runs all her runs so hard, and the fact that Cleary didn't trust her to be recovering, he kept her at one workout a week the whole season. If she raced, that counted as her one workout of the week. These workouts were usually pretty huge and could get intense. Clara and Marie were the only ones on the team who worked out just once a week though. The others like Keri, Ahna, Kate and Kaylyn all worked out twice a week but they did the same Tuesday workouts listed below only at different paces. They would cycle through these workouts and come back to the same one every month or so. Every time they came back to the same workout the goal was to always do it better than the last time they did it. It's all about progressing through the season through these
set of workouts.

- 10 mile Tempo Run progression run. She would start at like 6:50 min pace and then gradually get faster every 10 min or 1 mile (by dropping the mile pace 10 seconds) so that they would finish the last couple of miles at 5:20 pace or faster. They did this workout quite a few times on the exact same course so that they could compare and the goal was to be able to get faster each time they did it. The last one she did with Marie they ended the last 5 miles at 5:55, 5:45 5:35 5:25 and 5:12 to give you an idea of how the progression works. In the other group with Kaylyn and Kate and Ahna - they got down to being able to finish these off at under 5:30 pace by the end of the season.

- 10x1000 at steady pace on the track with 1 min rest. Like W said the worst workout in the history of workouts and I block all memory of them from my head. These aren't all out. The effort should be similar to that of a steady tempo run. When on the track it's usually faster than 10K race pace. Each time they come back to this workout the goal is to run them at faster pace than they did before (providing forces of nature allow it).

- 3x 2 mile on the tempo loop with 3 min rest. Each 2 mile repeat getting a little faster Clara did this a few times but the main group didn't do this as much.
She recently did this workout on the indoor track and ran and ran 11:30 - 10:50 - 10:30. This is just another example of the tempo type workout they do though.
These huge strength workouts are all similar in nature and pretty much get the same thing out of the runner.

- 4 mile Tempo - Ah the 4 mile Tempo Run on the Tempo Loop. I don't know how much of a True Tempo this is for Clara, like some of the others this workout usually turns into an all out effort at the end. Which is fine. (fastest average pace for her in the fall was was 5:18). Again all of the girls did the 4 mile tempos through out the season. Most of the time Kaylyn, Kate, Ahna and Jess would run together as a group going speeds that would more closely resemble what you would consider a real tempo.

Clara didn't do the 2nd workout of the week like the others on the team. Keri, Kaylyn, Ahna, Kate and Jess would all come back on Friday to run another workout (or race, which counted as the 2nd workout). This workout would be a chance for them to run some stuff at or faster than the speeds they would be racing at. It's very important for them to get a chance to get this little bit of "speed" in. If they are not racing then they'll typically do a fartlek workout on grass surface. And when it says "speed", it doesn't necessarily mean repeat 200's all out. It means they are working at a pace faster than that they race at. Anything at mile or 3k or even 5K pace would be considered speed work in cross country since it's all faster than their actual race pace for a 6K. A few example of these workouts are below:

- 90,60,30,15 Fartlek. 4x 90 seconds hard then 90 seconds honest pace (no plodding) right into 4x60 seconds hard then 60 seconds honest pace then right into 4x30 seconds hard 30 seconds honest pace then right into 4x 15 seconds hard and 15 seconds honest pace. The pace gets faster and faster as you progress through this workout. This is a non-stop fartlek run - and is probably one of my personal favorites to do. You get a chance to really get going on the faster sections. It's sometimes better to do this workout alone so that you can do your own thing and your not relegated to running someone else's pace. It's usually done in a grass field or on a cross country course so you can get used to going faster speeds on that type of surface. You are allowed to haul ass on this. They do this workout a ton too. It's one he goes back to a lot in the fall, and everyone seems to enjoy it, unless it's run in the mud. Then they complain.

- 10x500 with 1 min rest. On the track, and these usually are done at 5K pace but they can get going quicker sometimes. If you can't get on a track then you could do do a similar fartlek style run like 10 x 1:30 hard with one min. jogging recovery.


The previous schedule is pretty much what the majority of the girls stayed on all the way until the end of Cross Country season. Some took a break after the season with a few days off and some light running and didn't workout until Dec. Clara kept training but didn't get back to working out until the begining of Jan. Once she was back she started into a routine that was very similar to the fall. For her it was one workout a week and then every other week she would add in a 2nd speed type of workout. All the girls that were doing indoor went back to a similar routine on the track as they were in Cross Country. One big workout at the beginning of the week followed by a race or speed workout later in the week. Clara's workouts branched off from the rest of the team who were getting ready for indoor track. Since she had planned on doing winter Cross, which is 8K, she still stayed on the longer Tempo type workouts similar to the one's in Cross Country. In her one workout a week she would be out on the Tempo loop doing a 4 mile Tempo or doing the 3x2 mile cutdown workout inside. Sometimes she jumped in the big Monday workout group and went with them Another workout that was added in was:

-3 mile tempo on the track - First 800 at 2:28 pace. Then alternating every 400 with one lap at 90 sec pace followed by one at 72-73 pace. This back and forth speeding up and slowing down continues for 3 miles and they are allowed to rip the last 400 if the want.

Every other week Clara would do a speed workout which was usually 400's at mile/3K pace with short rest. She continued this for the month and a half leading up to USA Cross. Right before she went she did a workout with the rest of the distance crew who were doing cutdown miles on the indoor track. She went 5:45, 5:35, 5:25, 5:15,5:05, 4:57 with 3 min rest in between. This was the first time she had ever gone under 5 min at the end of that workout so the confidence and fitness were at an all time high leading into USA Cross Nationals.

The rest of the group who are now focusing on indoor track started back working out lightly (light tempos and fartleks) over Dec. and once school started back they got back into their normal routine. They do the big cutdown workouts early in the week (Monday usually) and then come back later in the week with speed or a race. Again like Cross Country they cycle through the same few workouts over and over and come back to the same workout every 4 weeks or so. When they come back to the workout they try to go one deeper on the cutdown workouts or run a faster pace on the steady state workouts. Here are the workouts that they do for the big Tuesday workouts

- 5 to 6x mile cutdown - with 3 min rest. They will start out a slower pace and each mile will get faster until the last couple are really ripping it. Kaylyn
Christopher recently did this workout in 5:45 5:35 5:24 5:15 5:06, 4:56 while Keri Bland went 4:53 where Kaylyn went 4:56 and then did another one at 4:45. That's getting pretty intense since 4:44 is a provisional qualifier for D1 Nationals.

- 5 to 6x 1200 meter cutdown - with 3 min rest. This is similar to the mile cutdowns. They get rolling at the end of these.

- 10x800 or 10000 at a steady pace with 1 min rest. No cut downs on this they just have a set pace that they run for all them.

After the huge Monday workout they get a break until the weekend where they either race or do some speed stuff. If they race it will be a shorter distance than the
race that they are focusing on during the winter. If Keri Bland and Kaylyn Christopher are focusing on the mile indoors (it's the event they want to run
at Nationals) then the majority of the indoor races they will run will be shorter faster races like the 800 or 1000 or the 1200 on the DMR. They use these to sharpen the legs and get them going speeds that they don't really get to hit in practice. If someone is focusing on the 3K indoor, you will see them run a lot of miles or 1200's on the DMR and stuff in that range to set them up for that big race. Someone like Clara who is focusing on an 8K will run a lot of 4 mile tempo loops which count as races since she gets that intense on them If they don't have a race and instead do a
speed workout there are a few different ones that they do. They haven't really gotten into these too much yet since they have been racing quite a bit but here are a few workout that are done for speed.

- 12 x 300 with jog recovery back to start. These get faster as you so the last ones are faster than mile pace.

- 12 x 400 Cutdown sets. First 4 done a little faster than 5K pace with 1 min rest. Then after that set you rest 2:30. Next set of 4 is done at a little
faster than 3K pace with 1 min rest. Then after that set you rest 2:30. Last set is faster than mile pace with 1 min rest.

A lot of these ladies have plans to keep things going all the way into outdoor, so it becomes highly important that they keep their mileage and long runs up and
stick with these huge strength workouts all through the winter and spring where they'll start getting into more speed workouts. This is a yearly plan that they are
on not a seasonal plan so the whole year is taken into consideration. If the runner sits down with Sean and says, "The one thing I want to do more than any other thing
this year is to win the 5K at NCAA Outdoor Nationals." Then everything that person does is one big set up for that race. The fall and winter races and workouts are one big set up for this Ultimate Goal for outdoor. They can still be successful in Cross and during Indoor but he will not let them sale their souls to do so. The real goal is for that outdoor title so some sacrifices will be made to obtain it.

Ok this is long enough so I'm stopping. Please do not point Sean in the direction of this post. He'll kill me. I'll be relegated to cleaning up his bagel crumbs at Panera for months.

Casey Batey

In response to this arictle morgantown runner Jay Dolmage had this to add. I agree with this 100% and it's certainly something that has to be emphasized. I actually had a section of this article that talked about this, but it was getting long enough already so I cut it out.

"I think it is important to mention something here. I agree that it is always interesting to see people's training. But interesting is different than useful.

As Casey would surely agree, none of this means anything without the close attention and knowledge of a coach. And no coach is better at understanding athletes mentally and physiologically than Sean.

Sean never gives any workout without taking time to talk to his athletes and gauge where they are at.

Because of this, all of this information is equally likely to get you

A) a p.b after two years
B) nothing at all
C) injured quickly

A good coach subtly tweaks everything for every athlete. So, you might be able to do all of the workouts listed here. But it doesn't mean much unless you know yourself incredibly well, and you understand the sport in a sophisticated way.

For instance, I can bet you that Sean is able to predict the actual finish times of any one of his athletes in a race, given their training and the other mental and physiological cues he picks up on, down to the second. That kind of expertise is rare, while the workouts Casey listed are actually pretty common.

All of this goes towards saying that what Casey has posted should be very interesting to any runner, but it isn't a magic ticket, and it doesn't represent even 50% of what has gone into Clara's success. Much more important are things like her mental focus, her pattern of consistent lifestyle choices, her interaction with and trust of her coach, and so on.

Jay Dolmage"


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